Denver Loose Diamonds


Are you having trouble finding that perfect piece of diamond jewelry? Why not create your own custom piece with one of our loose diamonds. As Colorado’s most trusted fine jeweler, The Diamond Reserve carries the largest selection of loose GIA certified diamonds in Denver. Whether you are looking to create a custom engagement ring or enhance a family heirloom, we take great pride in offering the highest quality diamonds in all cuts. During your private appointment, our expert jewelers will educate you on the intricacies of choosing the perfect loose diamond for your style and budget. Below we will give you a comprehensive run-down of the most popular diamond shapes and their distinct qualities.

Round cut – The round brilliant cut is heralded far and wide for being the most popular diamond shape. It is estimated to account for about 75% of all diamonds sold. Aside from its light maximizing mechanics, people gravitate to the round cut due to its versatility with the 4 C’s and brightness.

Princess cut – The princess cut is perfect for those who are into modern marvel. First created in 1980, it is the most popular fancy diamond shape for engagement rings. Not only are people drawn to its flexibility to work with almost any style of ring, but upon looking closely, you will notice that the color of the diamond shines throughout the entire stone as opposed to mainly the center like other cuts.

Cushion cut – This timeless cut gets its name from its pillow-like appearance. A standout choice for lovers of vintage style, this classic cut has been prominent for almost 200 years and was the most popular style up until the advent of round cuts. The cushion cut also has dazzling brilliance and clarity due to its round corners and large facets.

Emerald cuts – Emerald cuts have a fascinating optical appearance due to the step cuts of its pavilion and its open rectangular table in the center. If you are

looking for clarity, this cut is perfect as its inclusions and color are astonishingly apparent. This cut also produces interplay of light and dark planes giving it a “hall of mirrors” effect.

Radiant cut – This cut is perfect for those who want it all. The radiant cut has trimmed corners, lines like the emerald cut, yet has a brilliantly cut facet pattern that makes it reminiscent of sparkling round cuts. These characteristics also make it perfect for pairing with other loose diamonds for the perfectly crafted multi-stone piece.

Pear-shaped cut – This exceptional cut combines round and marquise cuts to form a tapered point on one end making it pear shaped. It can be difficult for jewelers to possess flawless symmetry on these cuts, but our selection is exceptional and produces maximum brilliance. Come in and see for yourself.

Asscher cut –This cut was created in the 1920s by the Asscher brothers in Holland and is a precursor to the emerald cut. It is similar to the emerald cut, but is square with a higher crown and smaller table. Many find this cut to have more brilliance than it’s successor.

Heart cut – This charming cut is a modified to create the quintessential symbol of love. Popular in pendants and rings, it is important to note that the heart cut generally does not come in diamonds less than .5 carats as it is difficult to perceive in smaller diamonds especially once they are set in prongs.

Oval cut – For those who love the classic look of vintage jewelry but want an added modern twist, the oval cut is an ideal choice. Being a modified version of the brilliant cut, it has the dazzling fire and brilliance of a brilliant cut while accentuating fingers to give a long and slender look.